What is the process to enroll in the course?

To enroll in the Invisalign 2019 course, you must fill in the registration form with your data in the Pre-Registration area.

1. Fill out the Pre-Registration form.

2. You receive an e-mail at 72 hours confirming your place in the course after a selection process.

3. You make the bank transfer and you send us the proof of payment.

What are the payment options?

1) SINGLE PAYMENT: One single payment.


– FIRST PAYMENT: Payment of the reservation: 1990 €

– SECOND PAYMENT: € 1500. Before August 1

– THIRD PAYMENT: € 1500. Before Sept. 15

* The total payment of the course must be paid before the start of it.

** The cost of the course of assistants will be added to the cost if it has been selected, which will be charged together with the last payment.

What materials are included in the course?

All the materials for hands-on are included.

What certification is given when taking the course?

– Title granted by the dentalgram training center

– Title validated by all the speakers of the course including the DSD to be able to access the Invisalign + DSD platform.


Will there be an option to buy cheaper material during the course?

All the companies collaborating with the course will make an exclusive offer for the course participants, such as Orthopulse, ITERO and different mini-implant distributors.

What are the hotels to stay during the course?

The course will be held in the center of Madrid, on Calle Principe de Vergara 112. Therefore, any accommodation in the center of Madrid would be recommended. The hotels closest to the training center are: NH Príncipe de Vergara, Dormirdcine and Silken Puerta from America. You can book the Hotels by clicking here.

What is the difference between intensive and semi-intensive?

The only difference is that the intensive option is made during a full week and the semi-intensive during weekends. But the number of hours, speakers, etc. is the same.

In what language does the course take place?

The course will be conducted in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

How is the course paid?

Once the registration process is completed, you will obtain all the data to make the first payment.

Payments are made by Bank Transfer.

First payment: Reserve a place. (1990 €)

Second Payment: 1500 before August 1

Third Payment: 1500 before September 15

If you have enrolled any

When do I have to pay?

To guarantee a place in the course you must make at least the payment of the reservation (1990 €), once we have confirmed you as a student of the course.

If you do not opt ​​for a single payment, the remaining amount can be paid in one or two additional payments.

The entire course must be paid before the start of the first day.

What is not included in the cost of the course?

Accommodation is NOT included in the price in any of the options.

Are there hands-on during the course?

The course will have more than 9 hours of hands-on.

You will learn how to perform IPR in models with different malocclusions. You will learn the best techniques for scanning and bonding attachments.

Cases with and without skeletal movement associated with tooth movement will be planned.

You will learn to place mini-implants in the different anatomical areas in the biomodel, both in the maxilla and in the mandibule.

You can place mini-implants in different bone densities to know the different resistances to the different models of mini-implants.

What differentiates this course from others?

This course is the only international course with the support of international specialist speakers all of them in a different area of ​​Invisalign.

The speakers of the course are professors and collaborators of different universities at an international level. The collaborations with Dr. Coachman will allow to know the existing agreement between Align and DSD.

The combination of theory and hands-on allows the participant to assimilate the concepts and put them into practice.

The main objective of the course is that the participant knows the biomechanics to use with the aligners and help them to include them in their clinic in a safe and reliable way.

Is it really possible to become a Diamond after the course?

All the speakers of the course are Diamond providers so they will reveal all their tricks so you can get that Diamond category in less than 1 year.